Sea Turtle Wind Spinner Chime

Sea Turtle Wind Spinner catches the breeze from any direction, lending color, movement, and sparkle to your yard!

For friends who like gardens, this is also an amazing outdoor patio decoration.


The meaning of the windmill: This is not only the cuteness of the windmill. But for mom and dad, the special human wind turntable is a mascot, symbolizing longevity, health and the sweetness of perseverance.

Retro design: The turtle is a symbol of good luck and longevity. This is an image of the sea with a gorgeous blue color. It can enhance the visual effect and drama of any landscape, terrace, lawn or garden.


Size: 30x38cm
Feature: Help Save and Support Sea Turtles by hanging the item
Function: eliminate people's tiredness and headache
Wind Spinner Meaning: a symbol of longevity, health, and perseverance sweet