sea Turtle 3D Puzzle

Spend your free time away from mobiles and more on the activities that are not only fun but train your mind as well. Yes, this puzzle is one such activity that suits both children and adults alike. While getting engaged in joining these pieces, you're not just sharpening your brain but also enjoying nature-themes, from wildlife to trees and nuts. 

  • Bright-colored animal print jigsaws
  • Best brain exercise
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • For both kids and adults

What you"ll get:

  • Jigsaw for both kids and adults: Neither too simple nor too complicated, this sea turtle -shaped puzzle is made keeping in mind that not only kids enjoy doing the puzzle, but adults can have fun as well.
  • The best brain exercise: By joining small parts of the wooden jigsaw puzzle together, you let your brain work more than usual, and thus your problem-solving skills, short-term memory, and attention to detail improve. 
  • Relaxing designs: It's not just a sea turtle -shaped puzzle; it's a manifestation of art and craft as well. The beautiful water-paint like designs of animals make you get lost in the wildlife